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Review: Titanic First-Class Dinner Gala – Orlando

Visiting the Orlando or Disney area and looking for a dinner show? Consider the Titanic First-Class Dinner Gala. We recently visited this gem on International Drive and are sharing our experience.

To preserve the quality of the show, photography and video recording are not allowed past the lobby.


Location and Arrival

The Titanic First-Class Dinner Gala is located on International Drive in Orlando, Florida. It is about 5 to 10 minutes from Universal Studios and around 20 minutes from both Walt Disney World and SeaWorld Orlando. The gala is available on most Friday and Saturday evenings.

Admission to the Titanic First-Class Dinner Gala costs $69 per adult and $42 children ages 7-12. The website notes a minimum age of 7. The experience from start to finish lasts a little more than 3 hours.

We arrived shortly before 5:30pm and checked in at the purser’s desk at the entrance. My husband and I both received a menu for the evening and cards that contained information about two different real life passengers that were on the Titanic. We were then ushered into the lobby where a cocktail party was underway.

Green screen photos before the Captain's Cocktail Party - Review: Titanic First-Class Dinner Gala - Orlando -
Green screen photos before the Captain’s Cocktail Party.

The Captain’s Cocktail Party

Once inside the cocktail party, pictures are taken on a green screen. You are able to view the photos through a QR code given to you.

After the photos, the cocktail party features raw vegetables, chips, and a delicious spinach dip. A cash bar is available with beer and wine service. After everyone had checked in, we met the first character of the evening who instructed us that the date was now April 14, 1912. We would then begin our tour of Titanic, the Ship of Dreams.

Cash bar menu - Review: Titanic First-Class Dinner Gala - Orlando -
The cash bar menu during the Captain’s Cocktail Party.

The Titanic Artifacts

Guests are led through rooms with over 300 different authentic artifacts from the Titanic. While touring, we met additional first-class passengers and saw full-scale room recreations such as a first class parlor suite and the grand staircase.


Next, it was time to enjoy the most famous dinner party. We were ushered to shared tables that sat 10 total guests. The meal itself was what was served in the first class dining room on the evening of the Titanic’s sinking. The four course meal was catered by a third party banquet company, and the food quality was average. It consisted of a garden salad, rolls and butter, a chicken soup, chicken versailles, sirloin with bearnaise sauce, twice baked potato casserole, green beans, and a chocolate mousse and brownie dessert. A glass of champagne was included with alternatives for those under 21. The children’s meal was chicken tenders and mac and cheese.

Throughout dinner, the cast of characters performed and involved the audience. As dinner was winding down, guests received notice that there was a problem with the ship.

The dinner menu - Review: Titanic First-Class Dinner Gala - Orlando -
The dinner menu from the R.M.S. Titanic and the gala.

Show Conclusion

The last part of the show was a humbling experience. Guests were led out to a balcony and told details of how people boarded life boats and some of the situations passengers faced that evening. The experience concludes with a memorial to those that lost their lives on the Titanic. Before departing, guests are able to see the fate of their assigned passenger for the evening.

A gift shop is available after exiting the experience to pick up souvenirs on your way out.

Assigned character card - Review: Titanic First-Class Dinner Gala - Orlando -
My assigned passenger for the evening.

Overall Impression

Both my husband and I were pleasantly surprised by the whole experience. The performances of the cast members brought historical characters such as the legendary Captain Edward John Smith and the Unsinkable Molly Brown to life. Seeing artifacts that were at the wreck site of Titanic in the north Atlantic was amazing.

My two critical comments about the experience: 1) There were not enough cocktail tables around the lobby for the Captain’s Cocktail Party. It was tough to juggle a glass of wine in one hand with a plate of vegetables, chips, and dips in the other and still manage to eat. 2) I mentioned above that the dinner was served by a third party banquet company. The servers were not wearing period appropriate dress nor playing the part. I think the experience would have been enhanced if they were in character as well.

The one other thing that we didn’t consider was what to wear. Some guests at the experience were wearing 1910’s wear. It was fun to see them getting into the whole experience, but there is no formal dress code.

If you can’t make the gala, consider purchasing tickets to Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition and taking a tour of the artifact exhibition galleries. Adult tickets are $21.95 and children’s tickets are $15.75. Guided tours such as a kid’s guided tour and the Heroes of the Titanic Guided Tour are available for an additional charge.